Sjoerd Rienks

Sjoerd Rienks

My name is:

Sjoerd Rienks, student in Amsterdam and I live a bit south of the city. I’m studying Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. My study focuses mainly on building bridges between information technology, society and business. Before I started working at Agile Scrum Group, I also got some experience as an Online Marketer at Blockchain Now! I was able to put my knowledge of blockchain technology into practice there. After a year, I made the switch to Agile Scrum Group.

Five terms that describe me:

Enterprising, creative, social, curious and realistic

I do:

I mainly support Agile Scrum Group in the background. At the moment, I’m mainly working with the German sister company of Agile Scrum Group. I’m developing websites, setting up processes and I’m involved in marketing. That way, the company continues to grow!

In my spare time:

I’m still primarily a student. I like to go out with friends and house mates, I recently started rowing a few times a week, and I enjoy making music. I’m also working hard on my own start-up, which focuses on smart home technology.

I experience working at Agile Scrum Group as:

The perfect student job. Agile Scrum Group is a young and fast-growing company. It’s difficult for me, as a student, to work on set days, but luckily that’s not a problem here. The fact that I’m working in a small team means I can see that my ideas and suggestions are taken seriously.

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