Klaas van de Gevel

Klaas van de Gevel

My name is:

Klaas van de Gevel, born in Tilburg, raised in Assen and I live in Zwolle with my family. I started as a system administrator in IT in 2004, and came into contact with Agile and Scrum through my career as a software tester. As a Scrum Master and Agile coach, I have gained experience in training, coaching and facilitating teams in various industries.

Five terms that describe me:

empathetic, creative, social, thorough, calm.

I do:

I make the training sessions I give at Agile Scrum Group customer-oriented before and during the training days. What Scrum is, is explained online, but how it works for your organisation or team is unique. For that, I look for an approach that makes the knowledge the most useful for our customers.

In my spare time:

I like to go cycling in the Zwolle region with my family. I also take part in an improvisation theatre club once a week. At home, I enjoy cooking and one of my big passions is making coffee with my semi-manual espresso machine.

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