Eveline Kreuk

Eveline Kreuk

My name is:

Eveline Kreuk, and I live in Amsterdam. I have a background in Industrial Psychology and Intervention Science. My studies include organisational change and the behaviour and attitudes of employees. After having worked as a consultant in organisational culture changes, leadership development and self-management for a number of years, I started specialising in the Agile and Scrum way of working. I see a lot of things coming together in this way of working, including: placing responsibilities where they belong, trusting, and delivering value to the customer through efficient and pleasant cooperation.

Five terms that describe me:

Curious, enthusiastic, thorough, flexible and entrepreneurial.

I do:

At Agile Scrum Group, I coach and train teams and organisations in the field of Agile and Scrum. My role is to connect theory and practice. As Kurt Lewin says: “Nothing is as practical as a good theory.” I also write blogs and articles to share my knowledge with others.

In my spare time:

I enjoy getting inspired by podcasts, books and people. I also like to run and do yoga. And I enjoy being on the road; travelling and enjoying nature. My friends and family are very important to me.

I experience working at Agile Scrum Group as:

A nice, informal organisation. All of us at Agile Scrum Group feel committed to customers and focus on what the customer wants and needs. I can express the full potential of my entrepreneurial nature in this young organisation.

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