Thijmen Sietsma

Thijmen Sietsma

My name is:

Thijmen Sietsma and I live in Houten with my family. I have more than 10 years’ experience as a trainer, coach and consultant. During my university studies, I developed in-depth knowledge of human motivation, organisational science and group dynamics. I trained as a (team) coach during my studies. As a trainer and consultant, after my studies, I focused on employee participation, self-organisation, agile and job satisfaction. I’m very enthusiastic about coaching Agile Transformations in Agile Scrum Group. My approach is always tailor-made: working together to find the culture and structure that optimally match your unique situation. I also specialise in the Agile Mindset.

Five terms that describe me:

Analytical, creative, thorough, flexible and entrepreneurial.

I do:

all sorts of things. Our work is wonderfully diverse. One minute, I’m in a conversation with the management about an Agile Transformation… The next minute, I’m standing in front of a group of enthusiastic, aspiring Product Owners or I’m coaching a Scrum Team ‘on the job’. At the same time, Agile Scrum Group also gives me the opportunity to substantively deepen myself, develop new training courses and write blogs. And I like to discuss all of this with my colleagues whenever possible.

In my free time:

I like to go mountain biking in the outdoors with friends, or go out with my family. I also do theatrical improvisation and mindfulness: an ideal way to develop my mental flexibility.

I experience working at Agile Scrum Group as:

Personal and professional. Just be yourself and do a good job. We have a great deal of freedom in our work and that really feeds my entrepreneurial drive. I love the informal, open and engaged atmosphere. It’s always possible to get input from my colleagues when I need it.

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