Frank Verhelst

Frank Verhelst

My name is:

Frank Verhelst. Originally from Leidschendam, but I have been living in Amsterdam for about 25 years. I ended up here, because I studied Spanish Language and Literature, but eventually graduated in Industrial Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. For about 15 years now, after having travelled around the world, I have been working at various companies in the Telecom and Internet industry, where Agile and Scrum have been used for some time. I have worked as, among others, a team leader and application trainer, so I now use the combined experience at Agile Scrum Group.

Five terms that describe me:

creative, stubborn, somewhat impatient, sporty and curious.

I do:

I work as a trainer and consultant in the field of Agile working and Scrum at Agile Scrum Group. I enjoy working with groups and I’m always trying to optimise knowledge transfer. My goal has been achieved when my trainees go home with new knowledge and then apply it with enthusiasm in the practice.

In my spare time:

I like to spend time with my family and friends. Cooking and eating out are two of my favourite pastimes. Obviously, that needs to be compensated somewhat, so that’s why I swim a few times a week. The goal is to do 2,500 metres of freestyle in under 45 minutes. I need to train a little extra for that. And on the days I spend at home: there’s a thick pile of books collecting dust that I will definitely read again.

I experience working at Agile Scrum Group as:

A great company to work with! I love the professional but informal atmosphere. We are ambitious and always focused on improvement. Not only for the customer, but obviously also internally. There’s plenty of room for initiative and because we’re growing, we’re constantly faced with interesting challenges.

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