Christiaan Kleczweski

Christiaan Kleczweski

My name is:

Christiaan Kleczewski, born in Enschede, grew up in Maastricht, and studied in Amsterdam. After studying Political Science, I gained management experience in the temporary employment sector and security. I have been working in the role of Scrum Master since 2010.

My enthusiasm about Scrum, as a means to quickly achieve high-quality results in complex situations, made me decide to become more proficient in Agile and Scrum.

Agile enables organisations to respond smartly to complex changing circumstances by simplifying work processes and helping employees take responsibility. As a result, the objectives are achieved quickly and the employees’ motivation and job satisfaction are increased.

Five terms that describe me:

Enthusiastic, open, clear, analytical and thorough.

I do:

My job at Agile Scrum Group is to advise and train clients in the field of Agile Scrum. My passion is to facilitate change that makes people experience more job satisfaction and makes companies more agile.

In my spare time:

I do a lot of running; I ran the Amsterdam Marathon in 2016 and the Enschede Marathon in 2017. I’m now going to focus on the next spring marathon. I also love going to concerts and I enjoy a delicious meal immensely.

I experience working at Agile Scrum Group as:

a pleasant working environment with lots of opportunities for personal initiative. A club that is imbued with the desire to help organisations and people get the best out of themselves by working together more smartly.

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