Sebastiaan Kooijman

Sebastiaan Kooijman

Bas is an experienced Scrum Master. Getting results is important to him. He does this by creating a loose, informal bond with everyone in the organisation. He considers it very important to create support amongst the employees to be able to achieve objectives.

Bas is also responsible for marketing and sales at Agile Scrum Group.

During his studies in International Business, he often spent days at the University of Maastricht. After that, Bas worked for various consultancy firms. Bas met Reinier while working for his previous employer, and together they founded Agile Scrum Group.

Bas is a fanatical sportsman in his spare time. He likes to play hockey, he cycles a lot and can be found in the mountains during the winter months.  He lives in Amsterdam and loves the dynamic lifestyle in the capital.

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